Cancellation and Refund Policy

Amuktha Investments and Trading is committed to delivering a customer-centric, transparent and efficient approach in all our financial services. We acknowledge the need for a well-articulated cancellation and refund policy. Here it is, outlined in clear terms:

1. Cancellation Policy:

If a client wishes to cancel any of our services, they are requested to reach out to their assigned account manager or our customer service team in writing or by phone.

A. Trading Services: Trading orders can be cancelled or modified only before they have been executed in the market. Once orders have been executed, they cannot be cancelled or reversed.

B. Investment Services: Investments in certain products like mutual funds, bonds, etc., once made, cannot be cancelled but can be sold as per the market conditions and the rules of the particular investment product.

2. Refund Policy:

As a financial firm, our services involve money invested into various financial markets. Therefore, the return or refund on such investments is contingent on market performance and cannot be guaranteed.

A. Trading Services: In the case of trading services, refunds cannot be provided for executed trades. Any profit or loss arising out of the trade is the client's responsibility.

B. Investment Services: For investment services, the possibility of a refund depends on the nature of the investment. Mutual funds or securities can be sold and the investment redeemed, but the value may be less than the initial investment, depending on market conditions.

3. Service Fees and Charges:

Any service fees or charges, once paid, are non-refundable as they are used to maintain your account and enable the services provided to you.

4. Disputes:

In case of any disputes, clients are advised to contact our customer service department, who will aim to resolve the situation in a fair and equitable manner.

Please note that this Cancellation and Refund Policy is subject to change and we advise all our clients to regularly check this section for any updates.

We appreciate your understanding and continued business. At Amuktha Investments and Trading, we're committed to providing our clients with the best possible service.